Black Hat SEO: How to Identify Black Hat SEO

These type of SEO marketers break rules, terms and conditions of google to get higher ranking. Their content marketing strategy is more of click baits than SEO. In SEO Birmingham has a fair share of such that you should be on the lookout for.

Red flags that show you are working with a black hat SEO marketer

1. Inserting keywords that are irrelevant to content

Good SEO usually uses keywords in a natural way. However, black hat SEO strategists stuff keywords all over the place to bait google. For instance, you are talking about net worth in an article and the SEO marketer changes it to this;

‘Increasing your net worth does not happen overnight.It requires a plan and everyday learning on how to increase net worth in order to succeed. With some foresight and the desire to know and explore more of your net worth, you can provide yourself a financially secure net worth.’

This grabs the attention of google at first but not for long. It eventually notices the bait and penalizes your website. This will make you lose trust from both the audience and google for a long time.

2. Hiding text and links

Hiding some text and links will make it to higher google ranking faster. Black hat SEO use this technique called cloaking to lure you into believing the high traffic coming in. However, the audience won't stay long and your website could be banned upon google noticing this deception.

4. Doorway Pages

These are specific pages that contain loads of keywords to lure the search engine. The moment a user clicks hoping to get useful information, they are redirected to another page that they set up to redirect to. A user gets confused and goes to another website. A black hat SEO marketer shows you conversions at first but after a few days of you enjoying the mass numbers, you lose them, and then you get penalized.

5. Content automation

You probably have seen one of those comments on some sites that contain a few keywords but make no sense completely. The black hat SEO uses this technique to rank a URL higher.

In the end...

All these techniques are useless and most importantly dangerous to your business. That's why it's important to be patient and find good SEO services. Upon noticing any of the above red flags, it's important that you discontinue work with such a person immediately. SEO Birmingham services are quite affordable and legitimate if you research with the right information.